Munday part 1: What am I doing?

((I am so sorry for the audio and quality of this video. I’m sick so I sound really strange ; A;. Also I am sorry for these dorky videos. ))

Munday Part 2: 5 Questions that I never answered in my inbox! Make sure to watch part 1 first. :3

((I am so sorry for the quality of the video and audio. I am also sorry for this dorky video.))

Oh, it’s a poro! You’re so cute~ Let me grab you a snack from my backpack.

Hello to you to, Miss Kayle! Me and Tibbers are doing fine! Although, I had to patch Tibbers up. He got some ouchies from last match.

How about you Miss Kayle? Hopefully you are doing fine~

Well, me and Tibbers are old enough to take care of ourselves. Well, most of the time. When we need help, Mr. Talon and Mr. Kassadin have always been there. So I guess they’re my "mommy and daddy" while I’m here playing with everyone! Although, I don’t know who would be the mommy…

To the mun of this blog, what do you actually look like? Anonymous

Oh hey cookies! Thank you Mr. Gray face~

I don’t get what you guys are talking about. What is this Pokemon stuff, is it a new item or something?

(Ah, I always thought she might have been a Teddiursa. I had a hard time finding a fire type that would have matched her.)

Well, fire is important! It makes things burn and its lots of fun to use!

A boy me? I think that could be okay, I would have to share Tibbers though…

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